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Bridgerton Fever

1 week to go until part two of Bridgerton season three—Yes, I’m counting!


As a fan of anything c18-19th Century I can get my hands on, I have long awaited the Season 3 instalment of Bridgerton on Netflix, based on the books by Julia Quinn.

Romance, scandal, elegant drawing rooms and fashionably-trimmed muslin dresses...what’s not to love?

I don’t watch a great deal of T.V, but when I do, nine times out of ten, it will be as much historical drama as I can find. The trouble is, there’s just not enough of it, so these binge-watching spells are pretty short-lived until something new comes along to capture my interest and immerse me in my favourite bygone era’s.

But the break into two parts in Bridgerton season three has left a cleft in my binge-watching appetite, so I thought I’d have a little look around the net for something to read or watch to bridge the gap...

I was pleasantly surprised to find my own book Vanilla Kisses as a recommendation in an article on MSN: Books for Bridgerton Fans, by The Gamer, Nic Guastella.—Thank you, Nic !

I will leave the link to the article below for any fellow Bridgerton fans who are struggling for their Regency fix over the next seven days until the release of part –two! But it seemed ill-mannered not to contribute to the cause, so here’s a few of my own favourite watches and reads to add to the list, and share in the effort of alleviating the Bridgerton-Blue-Devils.

I have forgone most of the big-name classics (Jane Austen et al) on the assumption that these options would have already been exhausted! And, strictly speaking, many of the rec’s are not Regency, though are close enough and evoke much of the feels of the Gilded Age us Regency Romantics crave.


Historical Watches:

Vanity Fair (2018 ITV Series) *Scandalous & Steamy

Sanditon (2019 ITV/PBS Series) *Classic Clean Romance

Mr Malcolms List (2022 Film) *Classic Clean Romance *Light-hearted

Gentleman Jack (2019 BBC Series) *LGBT Themes * Something a little different

The Duchess (2008 Film) Classic Clean Romance *Female struggles of the time.

Belgravia (2020 ITV Series) *Classic Clean Romance

Harlots (2017 ITV Series). *Scandalous & Steamy

The Gilded Age (2022 Sky Series) Classic Clean Romance *Classicism

Doctor Thorne (2016 ITV Series) *Classic Clean Romance

Mary & George (2024 Sky Series) *Scandalous & Steamy *LGBT Themes

Garrow’s Law (2009 BBC Series) *Something a little different *Insight into old legal system of the time

Belle (2013 Film) *Classic Clean Romance *Something a little different *Struggle for racial equality


Historical Reads:

Georgette Heyer.

One of my all-time favourite Regency Romance writers! It's really difficult to pick just one of her fantastic books as there are so many! Classic, clean, Regency romance, true to genre, light-hearted with a good measure of wit and subtle comedy.  A couple of my favourites:

Sprig Muslin *Classic Clean Romance  *Light-hearted

The Grand Sophy *Classic Clean Romance *Light-hearted


Sarah Waters.

My favourite historical LGBT writer. Again, it's very hard to pick one when I love all her books. An original, contemporary reimagining of Victorian women’s lives, rich in research and plot, steamy romance and Dickensian-esque atmosphere. A couple of my favourites, although not strictly Regency, but Victorian.

Tipping the Velvet. –Also adapted for T.V and available to watch. *LGBT Themes *Something a little different

Fingersmith. Also adapted for T.V and available to watch. *LGBT Themes *Something a little different


C. C . Burns

And of course, I would be remiss not to mention my own Regency series, Diary of an Obstinate, Headstrong Female which you can read more about here, but contains all the ingredients I like to consume; a classic setting, scandal and steam, a vivid evocation of the era, plot centred and a good measure of Romance. *LGBT Themes *Something a little different *Scandalous & Steamy

Other great picks for enjoying well-written bygone era’s with a good measure of class and scandal...

The Other Bennet Sister – Janice Hadlow. *Classic Clean Romance

The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock – Imogen Hermes Gower. *Something a little different *Literary *Fantasy

The Crimson Petal and the White – Michel Faber. Also adapted for T.V and available to watch. *Scandalous & Steamy

Daniel Deronda – George Elliot. Also adapted for T.V and available to watch.*Classic Clean Romance

The Ladies Guide to Celestial Mechanics - Olivia Waite. *LGBT Themes

Mistress of My Fate – Hallie Rubenhold. *Scandalous & Steamy

Reputation – Lex Croucher. *Light-hearted


You can find Nic’s list of recommendations here: 

I hope you find the historical fix you need! Until then, seven more sleeps...



P.S Feel free to comment and share your own rec’s!



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